Other NY Jewelry Services

jewelry repair in new yorkWe specialize in virtually everything having to do with jewelry. Even if your jewelry isn’t broken, you can bring it into us and we will be able to do what you want with it. If your new engagement ring doesn’t fit just right, we offer ring sizing. If you need jewelry polishing or jewelry finishing, we offer those services as well. Our goal is to provide you with stunning looking jewelry – and that includes the upkeep of it, too. Jewelry cleaning must be done on all levels and if you don’t have the right equipment, you can damage your jewelry.

Stone polishing and metal polishing are some of our specialties. Even if it’s not in a jewelry setting, bring it in and we will be happy to quote you a price. We are often able to do the polishing while you wait.

Jewelry mounting and remounting is another important service that we offer. Many times, people will bring in a stone that they want removed and remounted. If you inherited jewelry that isn’t your style, we can make it your style by remounting it into another setting that you like more. We can also change the mounting so that it’s more secure, ensuring you don’t lose a precious or semi-precious stone along the way.

Precious and semi-precious stone replacement is a common service, as is stone replacement. If you have a ruby ring and wish it was emerald or another precious stone (or semi-precious one), we will help you make the swap so that you love every piece of jewelry that you have.
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When you want to personalize your jewelry, we also offer engraving. What’s unique about our engraving is that we offer machine engraving and hand engraving, allowing you to get the font and the style that you want on the jewelry, making it that much more special when you hand it to someone.

Call us today and find out about all of our many services. In some instances, we will even pick up the jewelry and deliver it back to you. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate level of jewelry repair. You deserve to have stunning looking jewelry that fits you and your style. If something is wrong with your jewelry, we provide the services to ensure you have jewelry that you can wear so that it fits properly, is void of any problems and sparkles.